Training and Compliance.

The following is a  list of our areas of expertise in training and compliance:

I. Department Responsibilities

Policy and procedures 
Facility meetings attended 
Theft and loss 
Grievance procedures & follow up 
Family Council & follow up  
Resident Council & follow up  
Room change 
Discharge planning and documentation 
Homelike environment

II. Documentation

Advanced directive 
Care plans 
Initial assessments 
Quarterly’s, progress notes, inventory list, interventions

III. Use and Coordination with community resources

Regional centers (D.D.) 
Mental Health (psychologist/psychiatrist, etc.)

IV. Behavioral Interventions

Adjustment, coping, roles, body image 
Mood and behavioral issues 
Loss, death, spirituality 
Psych meds

V. Psychotrophic Committee (including adjustment to physical restraints) 

VI. Writing POC and compliance issues 

VII. Psychological evaluations as needed 
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